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On-site Services

Pillar Software are able to offer a range of on-site support services for both our own Profess-branded solutions, and any bespoke project you might wish us to consider.

We believe in admin-light, easy-to-use software, but understand that during the initial setup and configuration of a new system, training for administrators and power-users will enable them to deploy their new database quickly and easily, while at the same ensuring you're getting the outputs you need.


Training is offered on-site at £675 per day (plus expenses - contact us for details). This price permits up to 6 staff per session. We can provide a standard agenda for your chosen Profess products, or build a bespoke agenda based around your own selection of topics.

Depending on your location, overnight expenses may also apply. 


Consultancy is offered on-site at £795 per day (plus expenses - contact us for details). A consultation might be used for any of the following:-

  • How to optimise your use of our products
  • To map workflow with system use
  • To discuss and design new feature 
  • To discuss an entirely new application or add-on
  • To consider data exchange between a Profess product and existing partner products
  • To assist with migration from one system to another
  • To expand outputs, including new reports, alerts or dashboards

Depending on your location, overnight expenses may also apply.

Working Group attendance

Where there is a common goal amongst users, we are happy to attend working group meeting. Depending on the nature of the group and its outcomes, Pillar may part-fund their resources and have often attended on an expenses-only basis. Working groups are a great way to bring together different users to build a best practice approach to system design alongside real-life work practices.

This model worked exceptionally well with our Profess Roads Cost Manager system which was designed in collaboration with North Ayrshire Council, Falkirk Council, Ayrshire Roads Alliance, Leeds City Council and East Renfrewshire Council.

Internal User Groups

For deployments of 20 or more users/subscribers, Pillar will be happy to have a member of staff attend an annual internal user group for your Profess product on an expenses-only basis.

For less than 20 users or for more regular internal user groups, we will provide Pillar staff at the £75 per hour rate plus expenses.

On-Site Installation & Tech Support

We are able to offer on-site technical support for Profess-branded product at a rate of £600 per day for mainland UK plus expenses.

This is normally used for installations and upgrades where a remote log-in is not available, or an on-site presence is preferred or required.

Sales & Demonstrations

We offer free on-site UK visits for 10+ subscriber environments for established Profess products.

For new development projects, such as adding a new module or significant functionality to an established Profess product, or undertaking entirely new or unrelated development project, then we'd like to hear from you. Depending on scale, we offer free on-site demonstrations or project scoping visits. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Profess: proven by professionals

Contact us today on 01531 822622 and find out how Profess might help you reduce admin time spent on time-tracking or costing while improving oversight.