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Profess Road Cost Manager Functions

Profess Roads Cost Manager is a feature-rich, easy-to-use infrastructure works cost management solution. Find out more by exploring the functionality areas listed below...
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Functions List

Project, Asset & Activity Costing

The fundamental of our Costing system is to provide easy to find and drill-down cost data. Profess Roads Cost Manager provides automatic cost categorisation across…

  • Labour
  • Overheads
  • Materials (stock & direct to site/quarry materials)
  • Internal Fleet
  • Hired Plant
  • Sub-Contractors
  • Consultants
  • Internal back-office staff (design, technicians etc.)
These costs are then split across Estimate, Projected Costs (committed costs) and Actual Cost for Project, Work Orders, Assets, Cost Centres and Activities (work types/categories).
User-defined Budget Categories

Profess Roads Cost Manager allows budgets to be defined at each and any of following levels…

  • Overall per Budget Year
  • Activity (work types)
    • Activity Per Budget Year
    • Activity Per Budget Year per user-defined geographical Areas
  • Account code per Budget Year
  • Project
  • Individual Work Orders (for Reactive Projects)

Many of these Budget screens can be split across In-House and Contracted/External budget figures.

Of course, having set the Budget at a particular level, you can then analyse spend vs Budget at that level.

Use the Alert Engine to specify early-warning on spend velocity.

Compare Estimated, Committed & Actual Costs

Job costing comes down to two basic costs. What we think a job will cost. And what it actually costs.

Actuals are easy. In Profess Roads Cost Manager, a job sheet or time sheet is keyed as an actuals Daysheet. This gives us an accurate picture of labour costs and what materials or plant have been used on site. Actuals are then extended to include supplier invoices for things we’ve purchased (hired plant, sub-contracted costs, direct to site quarry materials etc.) – giving you a complete picture of true costs per job on demand, on screen and in reports.

But we only get a picture of the final Actual Cost at the very end of a job. That’s too late for a demand-driven infrastructure setting like roads. It’s also too late for agile service delivery.

Between Estimates and Actuals are ‘committed’ costs. This is the value of purchasing made for things like job-specific materials or hired plant etc. but where the final actual payment has yet to made. Profess Roads Cost Manager automatically maintains your committed costs - giving you a more accurate view of how we’re doing on a job as it progresses.

Profess Roads Cost Manager presents this data in a range of easy-to-use multi-layered dashboards, complete with one-click drill-downs to the keyed data.

Job-orientated Daysheets (timesheets)

A job sheet or time sheet is keyed as an actuals Daysheet in Profess Roads Cost Manager.

A Daysheet is an ‘actuals’ sheet – representing the total costs of goods and services deployed on site: labour, fleet and plant, and materials (stock and non-stock items).

You can also key actual Bill of Quantities, where used.

Our Daysheet is specifically designed to reduce admin.

It includes…

  • Ad-hoc or gang/team copy assignment
  • Sticky fields for quick entry of repeat lines for different operatives
  • Automatic insertion of Adjustments for things like ‘Preparation’ for vehicles time
  • Multi-select of other Labour Adjustments
  • When keying Plant or Materials actuals, select from Purchase Order quick-add
  • When keying stock items, select from Stores Issue List quick-add
Hired Plant & Internal Fleet

Profess Roads Cost Manager allows the infrastructure manager or fleet manager to control both internal and external plant costs.

Hire external Plant using the template-drive, quick-keying Purchase Order pages then deploy it on Daysheets (job sheets) alongside internal fleet or separately.

Record ‘standing’ or ‘idle’ costs and monitor usage to improve efficiency and drive-down costs.

Stock & Stores

If you operate one or more Stores function, then Profess Roads Cost Manager gives you oversight of stock item usage as well as standard goods in/out functionality all in a familiar works setting.

Works Ordering

For Reactive works, Profess Roads Cost Manager allows you to import orders (work instructions) from WDM RMS or key your own orders from scratch.

Optionally you can choose to key estimates (Labour, Sub Contractors, Hired Plant and Materials) for all or just some jobs or just issue direct. To speed this up, create ‘common’ job template types and just adjust for the current job.

Work Orders in Profess Roads Cost Manager can inherit uplifts for overheads automatically, and you can specify and report on various categorisations of the job: Activity (work type), Cost Centre, Area, Street, Town and Account Code.

Purchase Ordering

Procure goods and services such as stock commodities, quarry materials and sub-contractor or consultancy services quickly and easily with the Purchase Ordering pages in Profess Roads Cost Manager system.

Build common/re-usable purchase templates for quick-keying and automatically add purchases to Supplier Catalogues and pricing.

Use simple or detailed views. Purchases immediately appear on committed costs ('Projected Costs to Date') on all Dashboards.

Set default rates and supplier-specific average pricing with at-entry override. Define your own range of standard Hire terms for Plant.

Payments to Suppliers

Key (or import via bespoke interface) actual payments directly into Profess Roads Cost Manager. Base Supplier Invoices on Purchase Order or delivery note (for Direct to Site items). For Hired Plant, call Plant by actual usage on Daysheets and redistribute costs across Cost Centres.

Deploy interim or final payments to manage on-going commitments vs final actual costs.

Bill of Quantities / Schedule of Rates

For Proactive Projects, you can optionally use a Bill of Quantity estimate and actual list for catalogue schedule of rates.

Estimates can be issued as part of the work package, with Actual BoQ items gathered from Daysheets (jobsheets), offering powerful KPI’s on job cost planning.

Build Bill of Quantity templates for quick-keying of Estimates.

Optionally, you can use Profess Roads Cost Manager to split the labour element of a Bill of Quantity item and having assigned a percentage, calculate labour costs based on that percentage.

Journal Entries & Export to Payroll

Profess Roads Cost Manager includes a financial ledger page for balancing Journal Entries which enables you to key corrections in a controlled, auditable manner as well as import or key income for chargeable or rechargeable jobs.

Separately, an Export to Payroll (via a calculation of staff time and Employee’s Statement print) is available with the intention that either a direct .csv or Excel export to Payroll will be generated, or deploy Pillar’s tailored interfacing services to provide an automated bespoke export.

What our Clients Say

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What our Clients Say

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