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Profess Support

Profess Support

Pillar Software are proud of the great service our dedicated Helpdesk provide. With outstanding rates of customer satisfaction and a superb reputation for offering that 'human' touch, the team offer tiered support for all Profess-branded products.

Dedicated Helpdesk

Operating from our UK office, our Helpdesk is available throughout the year excluding only Bank Holidays and other times as listed on our News page, such as company-wide away days or training periods.

Call us on our dedicated line +44(0)1531 821 199 or use our contact form.        
All items raised are logged and a unique work ticket number issued. Work is then progressed by the appropriate tier in line with our Support Charter.        
The team at tier 1 will meet dynamically throughout the day to progress all calls as quickly as possible, but if items need escalating will call on tiers 2 and 3 at three set intervals throughout the day.

When work is accepted into a sprint (a planned future build), you can follow the build's progress on our development Roadmap

What our Clients Say

Development Services has been using Profess products for many years. The Helpdesk at Pillar are really friendly and assume no prior technical knowledge. We’re happy with the turnaround and the service is first rate.

Falkirk Council Development Services: on Support from our Helpdesk

Dealing with Pillar has always been a pleasure as the staff are very friendly and responsive to any issues or queries raised. The support received has been invaluable and is second to none.

Northern Ireland Housing Executive: on Support from our Helpdesk

The support service provided by Pillar Software is first class – very friendly and helpful.

Simpson Associates: Property development consultancy

Support Agreement & Subscriptions

Web-based products are taken out under subscription. The subscription covers access to our software, our Helpdesk and your own database for the subscribed number of users. Cloud subscription users also get hourly and daily backups (retained and destroyed on a weekly cycle) plus automatic upgrade to the latest build upon release.

Sites having elected to adopt a customer-installed edition of our web-based solutions will be given access to a secure download area to obtain and upgrade upon demand.

The rate of your subscription is set on the product price list, or individually agreed for bespoke projects.

Legacy Windows solutions from Pillar Software Ltd. will have a separate Annual Maintenance & Support agreement and fee in place. 

Chargeable Support

For all non-standard support, the following rates apply upon request:-

  • Chargeable remote support: £75 per hour (min. charge 1hr)
  • Chargeable Development (including bespoke Report-writing): £90 per hour - our quote will be based on your approval of our PDF of the report
  • Emergency development/chargeable remote support (only available where resources permit): £125 per hour - we reserve the right decline requests for emergency development, and it is applied sparingly but is useful to meet challenging deadlines where Pillar are able to service the request

Remote support can be used for Pillar to carry out upgrades, installations, assistance with imports or exporting data, over-the-phone tuition (using Glance) or any other support not covered by your Annual Maintenance & Support Fee or Subscription.

For other on-site services such as Training, on site tech support and consultancy, please visit our On-Site Services page. 

We're happy to provide a quotation on agreement of your requirements. No work can be scheduled or commence without a purchase order. Your purchase order is acceptance of terms, rates and costs, including any expenses at the standard rate.

Profess: proven by professionals

Contact us today on 01531 822622 and find out how Profess might help you reduce admin time spent on time-tracking or costing while improving oversight.